Need a last minute deposition? Don't worry, no matter what time of year it is - we got you covered.

View Simultaneous Transcription on Your Laptop

Our real-time reporting allows you to view simultaneous transcription on your laptop directly from the court reporter's stenograph machine via bluetooth or cable hookup.

Accurate Court Reporting is proud to be able to offer top quality reporters who can stream text directly to your computer while a deposition or arbitration is taking place. These services can be more cost effective for you by providing highly accurate drafts in real-time, rather than opting for same day delivery of a final transcript.

Our real-time reporting services don't stop there. Its uses can be extended to other facets outside the courtroom and is used in a couple different ways. One of those is in meeting and lecture settings where a hearing impaired individual is present.

This can be helpful in university classrooms where talk to text devices have a hard time picking up words because of the echo in the room or from background noise. This is also useful in corporate settings where a dedicated employee(s) need to be able to hear to complete their tasks or where transcription services may already be needed to document minutes.

Our other use for this would be during live video conference broadcasts. What we do is equivalent to closed captioning that you see while watching television. During the broadcast we have a real-time reporter transcribing a verbatim caption that appears on screen during the broadcast. As mentioned prior, this again can be very cost effective if transcription services are already needed or if the transcript is needed immediately following the broadcast.

  • Arbitration and Deposition Live Text Streams
  • Live Corporate Conference Broadcasts Live Text Streams
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